What if you had a dreamy, flawless onboarding system that wows your customers AND helps you run your bookkeeping business like a well oiled machine?

Here’s a secret - great systems (especially onboarding) are THE key to creating the wildly profitable, money-making machine you crave. 


Janky onboarding is out friends, seamless customer service experiences are IN. 

  If you want to scale your business and build your wealth (with ease), join the hundreds of other bookkeepers who have learned my signature onboarding system.

It can feel overwhelming when you're building a business, and trying to “figure out all the things”. But don’t worry - you don’t need to do that anymore, I figured out those systems and now I share everything I learned with bookkeepers just like you. 

Let me know if you've ever experienced this roller coaster...

You land a client, are super excited to start the work and then…..crickets? It’s happened to every bookkeeper, you get a new project but then your client doesn’t get you the information you need to do your actual job.

Now you are in a never ending email loop, you can’t fulfill your promise to “get the job done” because - well you just don't have the materials you NEED to do the work.

And that my friend is why you need a flawless onboarding system.

After I founded one the very first virtual bookkeeping firms in all of America, I ran into a littleeee problem. See I knew how to do bookkeeping, but I quickly learned that running a bookkeeping business is a totally different skillset. 


I spent a lot of time creating, and perfecting, all of the systems needed to build a wildly profitable bookkeeping. Now I help bookkeepers just like you grow and scale fast using the systems I built from scratch.  


My systems are the ultimate “cheat sheet” for any bookkeeper who wants to run a six, or even seven, figure bookkeeping company. 


What’s really standing in the way of you having a full list of premium clients, charging what you are worth and a bookkeeping business that runs like clockwork?

I can tell you what I see with my students - it’s usually sneaky beliefs that sound like this:  

Growing a business is way too overwhelming. I don’t think I can do it. 

Not.true. Listen I was a single mom without a college degree and if I can do it, you can too. There are simple processes and steps you can take to make growth manageable and fun!

“It’s possible for other women - but definitely not for me.”

It’s easy to think that success is meant for everyone but you. In fact, it’s a way we keep ourselves small.

What you need (and all biz owners need!) are resources, training and guidance. I help my students see what is possible for their lives, and I help them get there by sharing all the systems and processes I learned along the way. My onboarding process is no exception and it’s the very first step in building loyal customers who use your services for years. 

Here’s the other big mistakes I see bookkeepers and accountants make. 

These mistakes can really get in the way of creating a business you love, one that leaves you with enough time and energy to be a great mom, and have something left over for yourself.

It’s one of these - or sometimes a combination of all three: 

Undercharging: you have probably convinced yourself no one will pay you top dollar for your services. Clients 100% will when you can deliver a 5 star customer experience! Using my system you  can wow new clients from day one and show them how much you are really worth. 

Lack of Focus: Here’s a little tough love - you can’t scale without systems. Maybe you start every week with the intention of “getting your systems in order”. But you get lost in client work, an inbox that’s on fire, sick kids and not to mention procrasta-cleaning. How do I know this? Because it used to be me too until I got out of my own way I built my bookkeeping empire (an empire I sold in 2023!). 

No Systems or Support: You know you need systems, you just don’t know what kind of systems or how to build them. You don’t have a community or mentor to go to for help and guidance. Don’t worry - you are in the right place and I can help. 

Heyyy! I’m Justine Lackey…

But you can call me JLa.

I’m a bookkeeping expert, business mentor, and proud mom of three.

(Against all odds) I grew my business from little ol' me and a handful of clients, to a recognizable brand with a to-die-for client list and a multi-state dream team.

I sold my company in early 2023 (ka-ching! Wow - I never DREAMED that would be possible) so I could focus on helping other moms, and women, build prosperous bookkeeping businesses, just like I did.

It’s been quite the journey…

It’s a long story but basically I was stuck in a job I didn’t love, living paycheck to paycheck. One day I had enough, quit, went to a friend’s and balled my eyes out. Turns out she needed a bookkeeper and viola I became one (okay - it took me a minute to learn the skills but that’s the long and short of it).

I can’t say it happened “overnight” but bit by bit, client by client, system by system, I built an incredible business and recognizable bookkeeping brand. 


I built the business of my dreams - I built the type of company I would want to work for!

I deeply believe in ethical leadership and I believe another business paradigm is possible - a paradigm where we can be people centric, profit focused. 

I set up my business in a way that allowed me to take off any time I needed. I never missed a school play or had to scramble for childcare on a snow day. In fact in 2021 I took a 2-month sabbatical, still collected my paycheck, and the whole biz ran like clockwork without me.  

I focused so deeply on refining our systems and perfecting our process that my clients were eager to pay $105/hour for bookkeeping (and me $250+) for our stellar service.

The best part? I got to lead my team - a bunch of amazing moms helping THEM create a job and life they loved. Many of them worked part-time and all of them had the flexibility and support they needed to be present for their kids and families. 

Oh wait - I forgot something. Did I mention that I did all this while going through a divorce, experiencing single-motherhood, getting remarried, and raising three kids? (Whew! I’m exhausted just writing that.)

So why am I sharing all of this with you? Because I want you to know this…

It’s my heart and soul’s mission to take bookkeeping business owners - especially mama birds like you - from broke and burned out to prosperous and at peace.

I’ve gone through all the painful parts for you and built the systems from scratch do you don’t have to.

With my Onboarding Training it’s basically my brain in your back pocket.

You might be wondering why I am so passionate about onboarding.


Let me cut to the chase (disclaimer, I do that a lot. I am from Jersey so it’s all tough love and straight talk ‘round these parts).

Your onboarding call will be your first interaction with a new client since making things official. To solidify your client's confidence in your ability to do great work, you ABSOLUTELY need to have your stuff together during this first meeting. 

If you struggle with confidence, wonder what to say or don’t know the questions to ask you during your onboarding call, you're in the right place. 

And then comes phase two - you have to know HOW to collect this information in a way that is consistent across your entire client list, share it with current (or future) team members, and build the systems you absolutely need to scale your business. 

You can go from “I have no idea how to do this.” to “Oh man, that was really simple” right now…

❌ No more "ums," "ahs," or "hmmms."
❌ No more “I'm not sure" or "I don't know."
❌ No more “Gah! I forgot to tell them x, y, and z."
❌ No more “Rot roh I have been working with this client for x number of months and I STILL don't have this information..."
High-paying clients want polished professionals who can take charge and get the tasks they hate done - and done well.
You want high-paying clients, right?

Then you need to have the ability to deliver on what high paying clients want - polished professionals they can count on. 
I am going to teach you my signature onboarding system, the one I honed over years.
You will learn how to be calm, cool, and collected and set yourself up for some MAJOR wins.



Run the onboarding call with precision & command



Prove you’re organized & professional



Establish important boundaries & set expectations



Calm client nerves (I promise you, most new clients have them)



Educate your client on what comes next (I swoon over client education!)


The reality is without a smooth onboarding process, you’ll continue to struggle with winning your client’s confidence. 


And clients who don’t have confidence leave - which means you have to start the hunt for new business instead of focusing on real, sustainable, attainable growth. 

Andddddd here is the real truth about onboarding. 


YES it’s for the clients -


but the insider’s secret is a polished, step-by-step onboarding process is the scaffolding you need to build your solid business structure.


My signature system has everything you need to do that right now. And you can implement it in just hours. 





Scattered systems and wasted time doing everything from scratch - with every client

Frantically trying to do everything yourself and feeling overwhelmed

Missing out on family time to work more OR missing out on income so you can be there for your kids  



✅ Tight systems that maximize billable hours and get you out of the hustle

✅ Hiring, or preparing to hire a loyal team who take work off your plate & free you up for more important things

✅ Earning more than you thought possible AND having time to make memories with your family



World-class training? High-touch support?


Check. And check.

Here’s exactly what you get when you join…

★ Your Private Training Vault


Get access to recorded lessons and comprehensive support materials which includes everything you need to implement my onboarding method.

Available 24/7 and on-demand.

★ Swipe File Library 


You need documents and checklists to make running your business a breeze. Your training includes:  


  • 📁 The secret ingredient to 5 star onboarding.…..pre-onboarding! My detailed checklist is going to teach you every single step to nail this part of the process
  • 📁 A comprehensive onboarding checklist that covers all onboarding steps from A-Z
  • 📁 An email template so you can prepare your clients for a successful onboarding call (trust me, they need this - and so do you!) 
  • 📁An onboarding script and tips so you can be calm, cool, collected and CONFIDENT during the onboarding process


VALUE: $199




Time and time again my students and members of the bookkeeping community share their struggle with finding new (ideal) clients. In this wildly popular training I share with you 5 ABSOLUTELY FREE marketing techniques you can use - starting today - to build a list of amazing clients. This is the easy button you need to build your revenue fast. 


VALUE: $99



I get it, you're a bookkeeper. You probably like working behind the scenes. You may be better with numbers than words. Selling and asking for new business might not be your favorite thing to do (or even something you want to do, even though you know you must sell to get to the holy land of financial freedom).

I built a multi-six figure business by building relationships person by person and bit by bit. In this training you will learn the art of the love letter, and a super-super-easy-peasy exercise to build your client list with as little as 15 minutes a week. You get three pre-written templates that you can start sending out asap to clients + partners you want to swoon over your services. 


VALUE: $147



Look at you go - your marketing techniques are hoping, your calendar is booked with hot leads who are excited to learn about  your services. Guess what? You still have to pitch and sell them. I know - I GET IT - sales isn’t on your “That’s the thing I love most about my business” list but with my SALES MADE SIMPLE I am going to hand you a step-by-step system (and workbook) to help you implement an easy sales process in your business lickety split. Trust me - you will close more sales faster and with ease. 

VALUE: $199

As a small business owner and industry leader in bookkeeping and accounting, I understand the risks that come with investing in your business and skill development. You work hard for your money and want to make sure you're getting the best value possible.
I am confident my products will help you streamline your business processes, save time, and ultimately, increase your bottom line - and I back it up with a 30-day money-back guarantee
If you're on the fence about investing in one of my courses or products, I want to assure you that you have nothing to lose. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, I will refund your money within 30 days.
I look forward to helping you and your business succeed.